The Indy Drummer Shop is Open!

Indy Drummer Original Shirt Front:BackAfter several months of effort getting all the details just right, I am proud to say that my new online store is now open!

The very first product available to purchase right now is a quality black t-shirt available in men’s sizes, complete with the Indy Drummer logo on the front, and my silly tagline on the back. This is the same t-shirt I have been wearing to gigs for the past few months as I have been preparing to open this store.

That’s right! Summer is officially right around the corner, so now is a perfect time to get your cool new t-shirt ordered.

Now, all of my Indianapolis drummer friends can tell the world that they are Indy drummers too!

And, don’t worry ladies! As soon as this first product gets rolling out the door, I will be offering women’s versions of the shirts as well. In fact, I have plans for all kinds of fun Indy Drummer products I hope to put in the shop in future months.

So, if you benefit from my blog, my videos, or my drum charts, maybe you could show me a little support by buying a t-shirt. Of course, you also get to show off to the world that you are an Indianapolis drummer with pride!

Order yours today, and be sure to tell your friends to stock up as well! 🙂

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