New Autobiography Page Coming

A few weeks ago, I sat down to create what I thought would be a simple timeline of my musical life. I wasn’t sure what format it would take precisely, but the basic gist was to create¬†something that would enable my blog visitors to see where I started and all I have done musically over my lifetime. Well, after considering a few ways to tackle that, I finally just started to write small excerpts about the key years of my life, beginning with my birth year. As this exercise forced me to think deeply about all I have experienced and what has influenced me, either as a musician or as a person in general, I began to realize that there have been¬†many nuanced events in my life that have culminated in who I am today.

The page is still in the works, and it will likely be another few weeks before it is completely drafted, proofed, word-smithed and polished for public consumption. However, it has been an insightful exercise so far and I think in the end it will be worthwhile. I know that some of you are waiting on another YouTube video from me and may be wondering why my content has grown a little stale. That’s mostly due to two things. First, I am gigging a LOT these days. I just played a benefit show with Kenyon last night, and American Honey has at least one show almost every weekend. Second, I have been trying to devote as much free time to this autobiography page, but as you can imagine it requires an active and alert brain to churn on such an endeavor. I find that by the end of the day, I only seem to have enough time and brain power to vet out one more year or two of the timeline.

So, I appreciate your patience as I attempt to bring you what I hope will be a compelling and insightful peek into my history. When I started, I thought I was writing it for that new blog visitor who wouldn’t know me at all and would need some form of introduction to be convinced that I know a thing or two about drumming, and life. However, after delving into this and getting my hands filthy in it, I am beginning to see that it may become more of an homage to the people I mention in it and how all of you have shaped what I have become.

Thank you for your patience as I work slowly, but surely, to fill this blog with meaningful content for you to enjoy. Cheers and happy drumming until next time!

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