Request for Testimonials

This is a request to all of you who have ever worked with me as a drummer, or are familiar with my playing. If and when I’m ever in the position where I am trying to land the drummer position in a new band where no one knows me, it might be helpful to have some positive reviews from fellow musicians, industry pros, and fans that can “sell” me a little bit. One of the goals of this blog site was to have a “digital resume” I can point musicians and bands to that may be shopping for a new drummer. Therefore, I’d like this site to fully represent me and my playing ability. Having video and audio clips is great, but I think it would be a nice touch to actually have the words of my music colleagues representing me as well.

So, if you feel inclined to write a short testimonial for me, I’d deeply appreciate it. Feel free to use the comments section in the full post to leave your thoughts. And, as always, THANK YOU for being a part of my drumming journey!


  1. Tim Roe is a professional, period. He’s the guy who comes to practice and knows the counts for the verses, chorus, AND the weird bridge that’s in 7/8. He knows his parts, your parts, and has the know-how to communicate to the non-drummers in the group in their terminology. Prepared, punctual, very talented, and easy to work with. You can’t really do better than that 🙂


  2. Tim is one of the most consistent and solid drummers I have ever worked with! He is always prepared, learns new material incredibly fast and knows every single one of his parts. He is very reliable, punctual & great at scheduling. His dynamics are consitent but vary when it counts! All around his precision and accuracy makes him an incredible asset to have!


  3. It seems that there is no such thing as an adequate set of words to truly describe Tim Roe. From his personality to his musicianship, he’s my absolute favorite drummer to work with. His understanding of the word “time” doesn’t stop at his rock solid groove. He ALWAYS shows up on time and prepared. As a matter of fact, he STAYS ready so he doesn’t have to GET ready. Tim is a guy who’s incredibly thorough and quick on his feet. No matter the gig, Tim is the man for it.


  4. I’ve played with Tim Roe for the better part of a decade in a few musical projects. When I tell my wife that I’m playing with Roe, she gets excited. That’s what you get when he’s involved in a project or group. Others say “solid”, “time”, “knowledge of the tune”, I say…POWER. He makes every song more palletable. He knows when and where to bring the thunder in the construct of his performances. He uses dynamics like no other percussionist I’ve ever worked with. Covers or originals, he hears the whole performance, and senses what everyone else in his group is thinking, and allows them to go to places inside the tune, while carving out his own unique niche within. You know when you’ve played with Roe.


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