The Most Reliable Drummer You’ll Ever Hire

Am I boasting a bold claim? Perhaps. But, I have 38 years and a long list of satisfied musicians to substantiate it. 2016 was an active year for me, but that project has ended. I’m now seeking a new serious band or artist who needs a solid, dependable drummer on their stage. If you are in the process of forming a band, or looking to fill an empty drummer slot, please look over my list of qualifications, check out my videos, and give me a call. If you are an artist on your way up, and are in need of a rock-solid drummer you can count on, look no further. I am your man.

  • 38 years of live and studio experience
  • Comfortable with a variety of genres: rock, pop, country, latin, etc.
  • 100% comfortable playing to a click track on stage or in the studio
  • Ableton-ready! I own my own license of the full suite and can program/control any backing tracks you may want (It’s like getting a drummer and DJ all in one!)
  • NEVER missed a show. NEVER late to a show. Always prompt. Always professional. Always ready to go. Ask around; it’s true.

Words used to describe me (taken from my testimonial page):

  • “Professional”
  • “Prepared”
  • “Punctual”
  • “Talented”
  • “Easy-to-work-with”
  • “Consistent”
  • “Solid”
  • “Favorite drummer”
  • “Incredibly thorough”
  • “Power”
  • “Dynamics”

Check out my YouTube channel for lots of video clips of me doing my thing.

Then, give me a call at 317-441-1913 so we can discuss your project!

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